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Brace for kids: really necessary to correct tooth occlusion? Putting it in context.

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1 month 3 days ago
03/30/2016 - 6:19am
Brace for kids: really necessary to correct tooth occlusion? Putting it in context.

Hi to all, Alumni or not and a special great to Esther!

I want to put on your attention the argument in object: last week the dentist gave a periodical check to my 7y.o. Daughter and reported that her occlusion is incorrect in some degree.

The dentist advises it will be wise to intervent as soon as possible with a mobile brace, guiding the palate during the growth to give the right space to the newcomings teeth, and restore a good occlusion  preventing diseases and misalignment of cervical vertebrae.

My opinion is that it works at opposite, is crucial to restore a healty J spine to let the TMJ work right and for result have a correct occlusion of the teeth.

I'm more concerned with the palate and the possibility that the brace can give to ensure a correct growth.

For the moment my strategy will be to wait and observe with much more attention my daughter, i try since years a really soft "Gokhale-intervention" on her, i don't want to put pressure on her and create adiscomfort with a method that have rescued me and witch i love with big gratitude.

How you can see in the pics her posture is not going to a reliable J-spine.

I will be happy if you will share with me your opinon/experience and to receive some advise from the Gokhale Method teachers.

Thank you all,